The Most enjoyable experience my Family and I have ever had at a dentist office. Dr. Smith and his staff were wonderful. We felt as though we were with close family. Thank you for making our visit so pleasant!


Forest, VA

I have had about 5 or 6 dentists in my lifetime. I have a fair amount of challenges with my teeth do to childhood trauma. I am also very particular about my teeth. I was referred to Dr. Smith by a friend and I couldn’t be happier!! Dr. Smith is very thorough, and has a great bedside manner. He makes you feel very comfortable and wants you to understand what is going to happen. I am having implants done and he has done an excellent job. He has done x-rays to ensure he had exact positioning. The initial surgery was very well executed. No pain, instructions on how to care for everything, he also checked very closely and followed up on the healing and bone growth, to make sure things were progressing well. I would recommend Dr. Smith and his entire staff for their very attentive and excellent competence in their work!


Troutville, VA

After a year of neck and shoulder pain, with severe headaches that sent me to the emergency room I was very discouraged of ever finding the cause. I visited the doctor many times and had numerous test which showed nothing out of the ordinary. One trip to Timberlake Family Dentistry it was determined I was clenching my teeth at night. They made me a night guard and so far no more severe headaches or neck and shoulder pain. Eric and his staff are the best!


Natural Bridge, VA